Top 15+ Town Hall 12 (Th12) War Bases 2020

Wondering where you can find the best war bases in Town Hall 12? Well, you ‘re in the right place!

You can find the 10+ best war bases with links and video replays so that you don’t waste your time watching YouTube videos and thinking about what base you should apply!

All these bases are well-built defense bases. Where the incredible location of the defense buildings can be found.

All the bases I shared below are tested and tested, and I also left a couple of videos at the end that will help you decide which base to choose and what not to.

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Best Th12 War Base

Base 1

This foundation of war has recently proved very powerful and is very successful against existing strategies of meta attack (but a basis may be against the new meta of defence). You have a nice perimeter for funnelling and funnelling, the dead tunnel inside and the pit traps, which are also useful for hybrid assaults.

Base 2

There is a fresh war base for you, which you can use during your coming Clan War, with various good defensive features, amongst them a nasty Tesla Farm around the Gold Storage in the bottom, double-layer bulkhead walls on the outside compartments which work well with the super wall breakers and the standard wall breakers.

Base 3

In the recent cwl as an Anti-2-Star base, this war base here had some great success. I know these kinds of foundations look old and nobody falls down on it, but it doesn’t really mean you can break the base because you know what traps, etc … There are so many defences left before you reach the town hall that the attacker is going to be in trouble and there is no way to clear it with a less costly suicide team. You must cross full powers into the right side of the base and you have to get into the Eagel Artillery.

Base 4

It’s a quite strong TH12 base to be used in clan wars but even in CWL and this Tesla Farm is quite destructive and it is very easy to smash attacks quite often, no matter if it’s a Queen Charge and hybrid of hogs / miners crashing into them.
You can also use 3x Ice Golem in your CC when you really do not want this 3-star foundation, but I think it’s safer for Clan War because it is more effective with a high percentage of 2-Star.

Base 5

This is a good base for CWL use, but it also works very well for Clan War and Trophy Moving. Yeah, it’s a foundation with a centralised city centre, but the overall layout doesn’t make it easy to get to this core area.
The bad thing here is that you have all essential protections like CC, EA and IT within the core so you don’t have to use the trap setup in the core in order to get a strong value out of a queen charge like many current meta attacking strategic methods.

Here are some video of attack replays !


I hope you got the base you wanted and liked the article.

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You can download clash of clans from here.

Let me know if you have more base requests in the comment section.

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