Town Hall 3 (TH3) Hybrid Base 2020

Here in this article, I have more than 5+ Best Hybrid Bases for town hall 3. These bases not only protect your loot, but defend the town hall too. That is the speciality of hybrid bases in clash of clans.

Finding a base yourself is too much of a headache. You have to arrange the bases in a very strategical manner and then test it yourself quite a few times and you have to do it a lot of times repeatedly which gets really irritating as time passes by. You can see the bases and copy them with surety as these bases are completely tested and you can easily rely on them ! Scroll down and enjoy !


TH3 Hybird Bases With Link

You can watch these videos for a replay and see the bases they have used and how they work! These are amazing bases and you should definitely give them a try ! they have th3 hybrid bases with link

I hope you liked all the bases. Hybrid bases are used to protect loot and town hall at the same time when you are on th3. Its basically really easy to arrange layouts at this stage of your clash of clans journey because you have got a really less amount of building, defenses and resources to locate. The attackers will mostly not have any strategy because of less variety of troops at such town hall level so if you apply any of these bases, you are strategically ahead of them.

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Town Hall 3 Farming Base

Town Hall 3 Trophy Base

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