Top 10+ Town Hall 5 (Th5) Farming Bases 2020

This post gives you the best Town Hall 5 Farming Bases, which will help you save your loot from a lot of attacks !

Now, a lot of you might be thinking that what are the chances the base will really be able to defend from attacks ?

I have got you covered. In the end of this post I will share some replays of attacks which will help you to further decide what base is the best according to your need.

Farming bases usually are the bases with resources kept as the main thing to defend because your main purpose for building a farming base is to protect loot that is Gold and Elixir. The main key here is to put your defenses in the middle of the base so that the enemy troops engage in defenses and other buildings while the defenses clear them out and they dont get to reach to your resources. 

In some cases, you also need to protect Clan Castle and Town Hall because they carry a significant amount of loot inside them too.

In these youtube videos, you will get the complete idea of how enemies think of attacking these kinds of bases and furthermore it will help you to arrange your bases accordingly.

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Best Th5 Farming Base

Here are some replays of attacks on enemies on these type of bases. Watch them and it will really help you decide which base is the best.


I hope you guys got the bets farming bases for th5 out there. If you want more bases for town hall 5, you might want to check them out here.

Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base

Town Hall 5 War Base

Town Hall 5 Trophy Base

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