Top Town Hall 5 Hybrid Bases (TH5) 2020

If you are looking for the best TH5 hybrid base then this is the place to be, here I will share the best TH5 hybrid bases with link.

These bases are specifically designed to multi task, that is to fulfill the hybrid intent of the base.

Talking about hybrid intent, its basically when you have to defend as well as protect the loot so that you get to push up your trophies and get to keep and save the loot too.

So now lets skip the talk and directly jump onto the bases !

Table of Contents

Best Th5 Hybrid Base

Here are some video replays of attacks on these bases.


I hope you liked the bases. These bases are tried ans tested and you can surely copy them and try them out yourself ! If you want more Town Hall 5 bases, check them out here !

Town Hall 5 War Base

Town Hall 5 Trophy Base

Town Hall 5 Farming Base

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