Top 10+ Town Hall 5 ( Th5 ) Trophy Bases 2020

Here in this post, you will get best town hall 5 trophy bases which you can apply to your bases right now to save the maximum amount of trophies possible. I will also give you some replays on how good/bad these bases are when it comes to defending strong enemy troops.

In trophy bases for th5,  we mainly focus on placing the Town Hall in between as it really helps engaging the enemy troops in other buildings and as we all know that destroying the town hall gets you 1 star and you lose the moment your th gets destroyed. 

I will also try to give out the links to the bases so you can apply that and get fastest and the best results possible out there.

Table of Contents

Best Th5 Trophy Base

Here are some video replays of attacks on these base. It will help you know how well the bases defend attacks.


I hope you liked the bases. If you want more bases for Town Hall 5, you might want to check this out.

Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base

Town Hall 5 War Base

Town Hall 5 Farming Base

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