Top 20+ Town Hall 5 War Bases (TH5) 2020

Finding a great war base for Town Hall 5 is now a headache. You have to search for hours and hours and even try some out yourself which might even take days. 

So to make it easy for you, we have tried more than 10 bases and here we are with the Best Th5 war bases you can find. These bases defend amazingly well against other Th5 attackers in clan wars so you can definitely rely on them and use them in your next war.

Note- Make sure you remove the trees, rocks present on your base so that you will have no problem copying the base.


Most of the bases here are anti 2 star bases, which means if you are fighting with an equal competitor then there is a high chance he wont be able to score more than two stars on the attack.

With war bases, you need to be really careful as the only focus of yours should be to save the townhall from getting destroyed as if it gets destroyed, the opponent will have guaranteed one star.

In war bases, you should not focus on saving the elixir and gold storages and keeping them inside because if we look strategically, they have high hitpoints and will help slower the enemies and give more time to the defenses to kill the enemy. So, in my opinion they should always be outside the base.

I am myself a Town Hall 13 clash of clans player so I know pretty much everything about this game and I have been playing this game since 2013.

Why do I need a war base for town hall 5?

Well, war bases are those bases which in majority of the cases have the town hall in the middle of the base and mainly focuses on defending which helps the attacker score the least amount of stars when in war. The clan having most amount of stars wins in clan wars and it is really important to not let the enemies have an advantage over you in any case.

Also, in these bases the traps and bombs are placed strategically well which significantly increase the chances of you defending.

The bases here work amazingly well. Also some of you might still doubt if they should use the bases or not. Here are some replays of attacks on the bases which might help you decide if the base is really the right one.

Here are the links to the bases –

Base 9

Base 10

Base 11

Base 12

Base 13

Base 14

Base 15

Base 16

Base 17

Base 18

Base 19

Base 20


i hope you liked the bases. In case if you want to check out more bases for town hall 5, you might want to check these out.

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