Top 10+ Town Hall 6 ( Th6 ) Farming Base 2020

Farming when you are on town hall 6 is a tough task as you do not have many building arrangement combinations to try because of the limited amount of buildings present on your base. To solve this problem, I am presenting more than 10+ best farming bases for th6 with link.

The link to these bases will help you copy the base as quickly as possible. Also, I will be sharing some video replays of attacks so that you know what base will work out better.

Farming usually consists of putting your resources such has gold and elixir in the middle of the base so that you can easily protect them from getting looted by enemies which results in your saving of the resources. 

It can be done in a lot of ways and the most common one is to put your Town Hall outside the base unprotected as the enemies approaching who are looking to push their trophy would rather attack your town hall and get the trophies and in this way you get attacked once and get a protection for sometimes which helps you in saving the loot and that is exactly what is the main concept of farming here.

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Best Th6 Farming Base

Here are some video replays of these bases which will give you a great idea on which base to use.


I hope you liked the bases and now you finally know which base to put in and which base suits you and your base better. In case if you liked the bases and want more bases for town hall 6 , you can check these out. You can download clash of clans from here.

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Best Th6 Hybrid Base

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