Top 10+ Town Hall 7 ( Th7 ) Hybrid Bases 2020

Looking for th7 hybrid bases with link? You are at the right place.

Hybrid bases usually have a double role to play. One is to defend and the other is to protect the loot i.e the resources. They help in pushing trophies while also maintaining the loot. 

I have made these bases ready for you and all you have to do is just copy the bases.

For your assurance there are some videos of attack replays which will further help you decide what base to keep and what not to. I will also drop the links to copy the bases so you get no time to waste.

Table of Contents

Best Th7 Hybrid Base

Here are the videos of attack replays.


I hope you like the bases and now it is fairly easy for you to make decision on what base to keep as your primary war base.

You can download clash of clans from here.

Th7 War Bases

Th7 Farming Bases

Th7 Trophy Bases

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